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Příjímací test angličtina VŠE

Chcete se po maturitě hlásit na vysokou školu ekonomickou (VŠE) v Praze? Pokud ano, tak se Vám bude hodit tento cvičný přijímací test z angličtiny. V testu je padesát otázek a je formou multiple choice, na výběr je vždy ze čtyřech možných odpovědí a správně je vždy právě a pouze jedna možnost.

Na celý test je u přijímacích zkoušek 60 minut, takže času bývá dostatek. Doporučujeme pozorně číst každou větu, mnohdy jsou rozdíly v jednotlivých odpovědích pouze minimální. Cvičný online test si můžete zkusit na nečisto a uvidíte, jaké budete mít výsledné score a případně kde jsou ještě Vaše rezervy.

Welcome to your VSE english 01

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1. ... a computer can help you work much faster.
2. If I ... another 5000 a year, I would consider myself rich.
3. I ... abroad next week.
4. Write your name and address on your bag in case you ... it.
5. I am disappointed in you. You have don ... to help me.
6. "I really should go to the cinema more often." "...."
7. "I can´t understand ...," Mark said.
8. My brother has been living in Peru ... three years.
9. She´s not her sister. She´s a cousin of ... .
10. The ... from London to Bristol takes two hous by car.
11. ... the children look like their mother.
12. He came to the party ... he hadn´t been invited.
13. We are ... our house painted by a group of international students.
14. This is exactly ... I was looking for.
15. Children in large families learn how to get ... with other people.
16. "Can you read?" Mary said, ... to the notice.
17. I´m next on the list to go out there, ...?
18. Well, I think it´s time we ... on our way.
19. It was very ... of you to give me a lift.
20. After ... his medical course, he made research into the causes of heart disease.
21. She took a deep breath and ... the candles on the cake.
22. A lot of children ... parents were not very good at school often do well themselves.
23. He ... here from 1980 to 1989.
24. I am getting a divorce. I wish I ... my first boyfriend.
25. They moved to a bigger flat ... more space.
26. Some journalists are only ... in gossip and scandal.
27. I looked everywhere but I couldn´t find ... at all.
28. You ... blame yourself for the accident. It wasn´t your fault.
29. Don´t invite John to dinner; I can´t stand his bad ... .
30. You must follow him ... he goes.
31. We have ... no progress at all in our talks about a common agricultural policy.
32. Marin ... goes to bed before midnight.
33. You really ... have come to the party, because all our old friends were there.
34. Nothing is going to prevent me ... my duty.
35. The higher the price you paid, the better ... get.
36. In the ... left-hand corner of the picture there is a white mark.
37. Come on! I don´t want ... the start of the match.
38. Everything is going well. We ... any problems so far.
39. They have had ... five times.
40. I think our team depends too heavily ... a few very good players.
41. He made me ... .
42. In a shop ... customers.
43. I sat biting my nails during the film; it was ... exciting thriller.
44. I don´t like tea, so I ... coffee for breakfast.
45. My parents ... that flat long time ago.
46. We´ve kept this seat for you. It´s ... comfortable chair we have.
47. He ... to see us if he had been able to.
48. That bag looks heavy. ... you with it.
49. I´m tired. I´d rather ... out this evening, if you don´t mind.
50. I ... have long hair but now it is short.

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4 thoughts to “Příjímací test angličtina VŠE”

    1. Děkuji za test, bez přípravy na 60 procent. Takže musím ještě zapracovat na gramatice, abych se dostala.

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