Minulé časy

Procvičení různých minulých časů v angličtině. Pomocí testu zjistíte, jak na tom jste a případně který z minulých časů si musíte zopakovat.

Test na procvičení minulých časů

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1. The internet … (be) with us for many years – since the 1970s, in fact.
2. That … (be) when scientists first … (invent) the system because they … (need) to Exchange information quickly and safely.
3. Of course in those days most people … (not know) about the Internet, and they certainly … (not use) it.
4. It is easy to forget that … (happen) only since the 1990s.
5. It … (be) about 1995 when the biggest names in the internet business – names like AOL and Yahoo – really … (begin) the worldwide internet revolution.
6. Over the years, the Internet … (bring) a world of information into people´s homes, and it … (give) people new ways of communicating.
7. It … (create) new ways of doing business, too.
8. Now many millions of people … (add) this to their other activities on the Internet.

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