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Esej na téma marketing

Good marketing is very important for every company. Without good marketing campaign you cannot sell your product or service successfully.

Marketing is defined with 4Pproduct, price, promotion and place.

Product is the main thing for any company – if you want to be successful, you must have a good product or a good service. But this is not enough.

Even if you have a really good product, you will not be successful if you sell it for too high prices. On the other hand, too low prices are bad too because the company needs to make profit. Now, when you have a good product for a good price, you need to inform people about it.

That means you need to do promotion. Good promotion not only informs people about the product but also persuade them to buy it. That’s why it is good if some popular celebrities appear in the advertisements.

Then it is also important that your products are easily available. You can sell them not only in the shops, but also on internet. Make sure that your website is reliable and customers friendly.


Many things around us are the products of human activity. And many of them we buy or rent. Almost all that we need is produced and sold by some company: food, drink, clothing, cars, furniture, bikes, or computers. Many companies sell successfully products that people actually don’t need – they persuade people to buy it in a marketing campaign. Then people buy a new car or a new computer even if the old one still works. Or they buy new clothes because the old ones are out of fashion.
I prefer to buy products from small local companies, especially food. They don’t need to be transported which is good for environment. I try to save money but I often buy earrings although I have many of them.

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